When should I have my car detailed?

When should I get my car detailed?

A question we get asked – a lot – and the truth is there isn’t a best time.

Car detailing serves two purposes, it improves the appearance of your car and protects it.

The improvements are permanent and the ceramic coating extremely durable. Because of this you ought to consider having your car detailed as soon as possible and not “wait until the spring” as people often think. It’s true that your car looks better in the summer months and stays cleaner for longer and I can understand people wanting to have their car detailed in this period but what we are doing doesn’t just last a season, it last for years.

It is also true that keeping it clean during the summer months is more pleasurable, it’s a rewarding process . But during the winter months keeping your car clean is more important than simply making it look nice, there are safety and practical concerns too and this is where ceramic coatings can make the most difference.

In winter, when your car is regularly covered in traffic film and mud, the risk of picking up damage to the paintwork is much more significant. It only takes someone to lightly brush past your car and the dirt stuck to it gets rubbed into your paint and will absolutely cause light scratches – we call them RDS or random deep scratches. Keeping your car clean in winter can prevent this from happening and also keep lights, glass and number plates clean too and ceramic coatings make the process much easier and much quicker.

Ceramic coatings are applied to your wheels and glass too. This helps to keep your wheels cleaner (and makes them much easier to clean) but it it also adds a bit more protection from the salts that are put on the roads in sub-zero temperatures. That stuff plays havoc with diamond cut wheels in particular. And with the glass you’ll find frost easier to remove on a morning than you would on untreated glass and rain, sleet and snow clears from your windscreen faster too. In fact at A-Road speeds you’ll find your windscreen clearing without the wipers – although I would never recommend that! Always be safe.

Detailing and ceramic coating can and should be done at any time of year and if there was a best time to do it it would probably be before the winter kicks in!