Welcome to Perauto

Perauto is the new name for Reflections Detailing. Everything else is the same, company number, VAT number, address etc. We have new contact phone numbers – 01384 569237 for the office and 07825 123971 for WhatsApp or if you can’t get through on the office number during normal opening hours.

Why the change?

When I started the business in 2011 Reflections Detailing was a great name on which to build a brand, it took the Ronseal approach – it did what it said on the tin. Over the last decade the detailing industry has evolved, as have we, and the number of players in the market has grown exponentially. It feels like there is a new “Detailing” company starting up every week but the quality delivered is more akin to standard valeting. They are calling themselves detailers, as they do in the US, but it’s diluting the definition of detailing on this side of the Pond.

Detailing isn’t the same as valeting. Valeting is a quick service that is designed to clean and temporarily improve the appearance of your car. Detailing is a highly skilled service that aims to permanently improve the appearance of your car and protect it with durable coatings that look great and make looking after it much easier.

We don’t do valeting.

The majority of the new breed of “detailers” sadly fall into the valeting arena, which is fine and noble, but their decision to call themselves detailers has damaged devalued the industry. It confuses customers. They see us charging £1000 to detail and ceramic coat their car and Billy down the road, who’ll come to them at home, charging £200 and does it in a day.

I want to distance the company from that – the unsustainable, bargain basement service – and focus on delivering the high quality people have become used to. You can’t compare our service offering to that of a mobile valeter irrespective of what they call themselves. What they claim to be able to do in a day takes us 3 or 4, it isn’t that we’re slow, it’s that they don’t do it properly – it’s impossible to do a 3 stage correction and ceramic coatings in a day, or even 2 days.

And of course we do far more than detailing now, Perauto doesn’t have the limitations that Reflections Detailing had as a brand and as we expand our service offering further it will grow with us.

People have asked me where the name came from, the truth is it has been in my head for almost a decade. Back in 2012/13 I wanted to start a forum for car enthusiasts that took in all aspect of car culture. I had “Perfection Automotive” or something like that in my head and it gradually turned into Perauto. I have of course trademarked the name in every SIC that we may trade in!

This is the start of our next part of our journey and we have some exciting plans.

Watch this space!