Paint Protection Film

My children, my Mercedes and a wire brush. What could possibly go wrong….

Benefits of PPF

When it comes to protecting your car there is no better choice than Paint Protection Film. At Perauto we have partnered with PremiumShield to bring you the best of the PPF industry. If you would like to see just how good this product is check out the video at the top of the page, there's a link to YouTube which plays the full video with sound. If you'd like to see it in action for yourself pop down and we'll let you loose with the brush!

“Paint Protection Film is the best protection you'll never see!”

Impact Protection

PPF protects your paintwork against stone chips and road rash, car park scuffs, deliberate attempts to scratch the paint, wash swirls, environmental fallout, ink, bird lime and egg, suncream, pets etc

It Looks Amazing

Choose from an ultra-smooth, optically clear film that looks better than a ceramic coating or a stunning matte finished film that will transform your car's appearance without any of the drawbacks of matte paint. 


All PremiumShield PPF has a minimum 5 year warranty and the Elite SH film comes with a lifetime warranty. Elite SH has incredible self-healing technology and will repair minor damage by itself.

Which areas should I protect?

PPF can be installed to just high impact areas such as the leading edges of the car to protect against damage from stone chips right through to whole car installations. You may wish to mix PPF with Ceramic Coatings to maximise protection but keeps costs under control. For example, having a full front PPF installation with the rest of the car treated with one of our Ceramic Coatings.


Leading Edges

leading edge ppf

Areas protected include front bumper, bikini cut on the bonnet and wings, mirror backs, A pillars, headlights and rear bumper load lip.

Full Front

full front protection

Areas protected include front bumper, full bonnet, full front wings, mirror backs, A pillars, headlights and the rear bumper load lip.

Whole Car

whole car ppf

This option protects all painted areas, front and rear lights and B & C pillars.

Can I add to these packages?

Absolutely, you can add extended protection the the Leading Edge and Full Front packages as required. For example, you may want to protect the sills/rockers, or door egdes, door handle cups or the gloss black trims covering the B & C pillars. Or you might just want the load lip for the boot protecting. We can protect whatever you want us to protect.

The gloss black PPF is brilliant for roofs – it can make it look like you have a full-length panoramic roof, it looks a lot better than vinyl wrap and has the benefit of being self-healing.

We can also tint and protect front and rear lights with a smart, road-legal 35% smoked film.

Facilties and equipment

As factory trained installers we are able to use PremiumShield Cut Studio 3 software which, when used with our 160cm Graphtec cutter, will produce very precise templates for us to use during installation. This limits and in some cases completely removes the need to use blades to trim excess PPF near the car.

We also have a dedicated PPF installation bay

graphtec 64" cutter for ppf

160cm Graphtec Vinyl Cutter used to cut templates

The screen shot taken from Cut Studio 3 is for a Mercedes E Class Coupe, it's a typical template set we see for newer cars. This example has different bumper templates which take into account the the options that are available, so things like parking sensors, cameras and headlight washer jets are catered for.

Templates are generally only available for newer cars, on older cars we would carry out what is known as a bulk installation. This just means that we use PPF directly from the roll fitting it to the areas being protected. 

PremiumShield Cut Studio 3

Next steps

If you're ready to take the next steps or just ask questions you can call us on 01384 569237 or 07825 123971, you can also complete the Request Quote form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.