New Car Protection

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Why should I consider your New Car Protection?

A brand new car represents a sizeable financial commitment and for most of us it will be the second most expensive single item we own, it makes sense to protect that investment from day one. 

When you buy a new car the salesman will want to sell you a number of add-on products and services, some of which are well worth having, with others it is a judgement call for you to make. One of the services that you really should consider having is protection for your new car. The salesman will undoubtedly have a product to offer you but I guarantee it doesn't represent good value for money, nor will it do what the salesman tells you. The issue isn't necessarily the product itself, although some are rubbish, the problem is time. The valeting team at the majority of main dealers are low-skilled, minimum wage workers who are subcontracted from one of the national valeting service providers. They receive minimal training and labour turnover is very high. Obviously there are exceptions but they are few and far between. Their time is spent keeping the showroom and used cars looking fantastic, carrying out service washes for customers having work done, preparing used cars for sale and finally, preparing your new car for handover. They'll be given something like 90 minutes to clean and protect your second biggest investment. That simply isn't enough time to correctly prepare and apply the coatings to the car and this is why they generally fail very quickly.

When we carry out a New Car Protection service we'll have your car for 3 days. During that time we will make sure it is absolutely perfect, machine polishing the whole car to get rid of the inevitable defects it has picked up in transit and preparation (I'm yet to see a perfect, dealer prepared car!) The coatings we use are surface specific, very high quality and at the cutting edge of car care technology. The coatings are applied in perfect conditions to perfectly prepared surfaces and as such will last a long time. The paint coatings we use are all guaranteed and underwritten by the manufacturer, and they look fantastic. 

Our New Car Protection service is more expensive than your main dealer's offering, but probably not by as much as you think. The one thing I can absolutely guarantee you is that the £500, £600, £700 the dealer will charge you is money wasted.

Next steps

Before you order your new car get in touch and we'll talk you through your options, produce a written quote for you and if appropriate, pencil in a booking. We understand delivery times aren't easy to pin down so we won't finalise dates until just before delivery. You can contact us on 01384 569237 or 07825 123971, or you can complete the Request Quote form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.