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Passionate about Detailing

Detailing, paint correction and ceramic coatings have been our core business since I launched the company over a decade ago. Since then we have consistently invested in our training and upgrading equipment to keep our service offering at the forefront of the industry. Our workshop is very well equipped featuring 3 car lifts, custom lighting and a wide array of specialist tools. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the business and are very happy with the partners we work with. If you choose Perauto to complete detailing project we will take you through a friendly, yet thorough, consultation process so we all understand exactly what you would like to achieve and we can recommend the most appropriate way forwards.

We don't just do detailing, we have a full range of services delivered in-house, or through carefully chosen partners, meaning we can pull together every element of your project and manage the process.

As you would expect with a business such as ours, we are extensively insured and our workshop is very secure having a fully monitored alarm system, remote CCTV, fantastic physical security and we are on a gated estate. 

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Service elements

When we build you a package these are the elements you will need to consider but don't worry, we'll take you through this journey during your consultation,

Basics Included

Included As Standard

Detailed Clean
Paint Decontamination
Wheels Removed & Treated
Exterior Glass Treated
Plastic Trims Treated
Lights Polished & Treated
Exhausts Polished & Treated
Painted Calipers Treated

Paint Correction

Choose One

Level 1 – 70% Correction
Level 2 – 90% Correction
Level 3 – up to 100% Correction
Wet Sanding 

Ceramic Coating

Choose One

Standard Coatings
Matrix 3 Year
Matrix 8 Year

Premium Coatings
Mayvinci 3 Year
Mayvinci 5 Year 
Mayvinci 5 Year Self Healing


Choose All That Apply

Interior Detail & Protect
Engine Bay
Convertible Recolour
Headlight Restoration
Caliper Painting
Wheel Refurbmishment
Leather/Seat Repairs
Window Tinting

What does detailing involve?


Preparing involves cleaning and decontaminating the car. It isn't a quick wash but a methodical process to remove dirt from areas that don't normally get any attention and remove bonded contaminants. We do this to make sure the paint is ready for the Perfecting stage, if this stage isn't done properly it will affect the quality of the Perfecting stage.

This is also where we remove the wheels to clean and prepare them for ceramic coating. While the wheels are off we take the opportunity to clean and dress the wheels arches and ceramic coat painted calipers too.

This stage is the same for every detail we do.


Perfecting is where most of the work is involved, this is where we do the machine polishing to remove the defects in the paintwork. We have 3 levels of correction with each offering different benefits.

Level 1 is a single stage machine polish that will achieve around 70% paint correction, it will remove oxidisation, restore the colour and improve the clarity of the paint. 

Level 2 is a 2 stage machine polish that will achieve around 90% paint correction and will impart a paint finish with greater gloss and clarity than our level 1 service.

Level 3 is a multi-stage machine polishing process than can achieve up to 100% paint correction. We spend as long as is needed to safely remove every defect that can be removed. 

Wet Sanding is a service that will remove orange peel from the paintwork and leave a very flat, glass-like finish. This is the sort of finishing Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce do with their cars. It takes a long time, isn't cheap and is really only something you should consider for a special car. 


Protecting is the final stage and even this requires careful preparation before we start laying any coatings. Each surface has a dedicated treatment to ensure the finish doesn't just look great, it will last too. Plastics, lights, glass, chrome trims and exhausts, wheels and of course, paintwork are all treated. There are a large number of coating manufacturers and we have worked with a lot of them over the years. However, we have chosen Matrix Ceramics and Mayvinci as our preferred suppliers. Their products are superb and deliver exactly what we need them to.

During your consultation we will identify the right coating for your needs and budget.

5 Benefits of ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings look fantastic, they improve the richness of the colour and the depth of the paint's reflections. They are super glossy having a glass-like finish.

They make cleaning your car so much easier and your car will stay cleaner for longer. You won't need to spend hours washing and polishing your car to keep it looking great leaving you time to do the more important things in life. 

Low Maintenance – You'll never have to polish or wax your car again, the only maintenance required is regular wash and a spray on wipe off product, like a quick detailer, 4-6 times per year. It will take less than an hour per year.

Protection – Ceramic coatings protect your car from harmful UV light, atmospheric fallout, acid rain, oxidisation and colour fade. They are harder than the clearcoat on your car offering greater resistance to swirling.

Durability – Unlike waxes and sealants ceramic coatings create a very strong, semi-permanent bond to the surface being protected and can last for years and in a lot of cases is fully guaranteed.

Next Steps

If you're ready to take the next step on your detailing journey there are a couple of ways you can do it. You can call us on 01384 569237 or 07825 123971 and book a consultation or complete the Request Quote form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We'll ask you to come and see us at our workshop in Cradley Heath. There we can have a good look around your car and talk to you about what you would like to achieve, how long you'll keep the car, how you will maintain it, your budget, timescales etc. This allows us to make the best possible recommendation for your specific needs. We won't try to sell you services you don't need just as we won't sell you a service that doesn't meet your needs based on a budget. 

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